Who we are


The goals of the Foundation

We think that design is an effective way to positively stimulate our environment in a sustainable way. Therefore the Latin American Design Foundation (LADF) stimulates the development of Latin American design. We do this by actively promoting and developing Latin American products and by matching them with (potential) markets. Next to that we contribute to educating people and stimulating design innovations.

Latin American Design covers products designed in a creative process where one or more resources like capital, materials or production capacity are scarce, while the enormous rich colors and expressional vocabulary of Latin America forms the context in which these products are designed and produced. Many of these products have a craft inspired background, or use these techniques to add value to the resources available to produce. Until recently, Latin American design was not always successful on world markets because of its relatively low quality, limited access to distribution networks or because it could not be produced on a mass scale. By adding experience and capital the production quality has - and will be further- improved. The many Latin American small-scale production facilities fit the demands of new worldwide interest for more personalized products. Because this market demand seems to be most eminent in Europe, LADF has started building its market development activities there.

Who we are

LADF's board

LADF is founded under Dutch law and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Chair of the board is Gabriela Bustamante Castillo, founder and experienced in Latin American Design, craftsmanship and organizing process improvements. A second member of the board is (José) Jeroen Nas, experienced in finance, marketing and building up companies. Next to the board, LADF has an advisory board, an editorís network and partners.

The advisory board

The Advisory Board consists out of experienced people in different Latin American and European countries, which are actively involved in the foundationís policy making, developing and guiding projects and in expanding the network. The Advisory Board consists out of Arno Wolters (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and Laura Gomez (Morelia, Mexico).

The editors network

The editors network is specifically related to the Exhibitions on Latin American Design that the foundation organizes. The editors are our local 'agents' that are present in many Latin American countries. They all are recognized authorities in their field and work on Universities, in designers companies and in journalism. They develop and communicate with the local designer's network and help to achieve the foundations goals. They spot and select designers and products that add new value to the next wave of Latin American Design.

The partners

The partners of LADF are a wide variety of persons or institutions that contribute to the foundations' goals, mostly in a very practical way. Partners always have a clear role in specific activities. The 'Guia de Diseno Mexicana' for example, publishes the Foundationsís achievements for a professional audience, while the O2-network in Mexico co-operates in organizing workshops and spreading knowledge on sustainable design. An list of partners is available, as are actual lists of names of the board, advisory board and editor's network.


Besides these formal structures, there are a lot of designers that work with the foundation on an ad hoc basis.


Important to the foundation are our sponsors. Without our sponsors, we are not able to do most of the work we do and that we plan to do. Our sponsors provide us with money, facilities, contacts, ideas and opportunities. Some sponsors only sponsor an event or project, others make it possible for us to realize our long term goals.

For the coming years, LADF has a lot of opportunities for sponsors to support and participate in our activities, to gain extra publicity and to develop projects for personnel and customers. If you would like to have detailed information about these opportunities, or if you want to discuss other ideas with us, please contact us.