A report on hOLAnDA 2003 - Original Latin American Design in Amsterdam

From 10 October - 8 November 2003, the Latin American Design Foundation organized a very successful exhibition on products for living in the Villa Arena in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was called hOLAnDA 2003. On these pages, you can read all about it, look at 191 pictures in total and keep track in the coming months on the results of the contacts that were made.


hOLAnDA 2003 started on October 9 with a great opening party. Many designers from various Latin American countries had taken the long trip to be present, meeting the organizers, people that helped set up the exhibition and the sponsors.

The exhibition was a sizzling diverse cultural exhibition that showed the absolute best of the present state of Latin American Design in products for living and office to an audience in Europe. More than 300 products from most Latin American Countries were send in out of which a quality selection was made. The selection process took more than 6 months and included top designers from almost all most Latin American Countries.

What was the exhibition about?
hOLAnDA 2003 showed products for living to an audience to give a good impression on what Latin American Design can mean today and which designers and companies make the most interesting products for European markets.



Background and reasons to organize the exhibition

The time seemed right to present the European audience a broader range of quality products from Latin America. hOLAnDA - 2003 exhibited products oriented on the daily space in which we live, work and entertain, rooted in a rich tradition.

hOLAnDA - 2003 stimulated the preservation and enrichment of the Latin American design culture (often craft inspired) and showed its development to the world. Besides that, safeguarding the knowledge of this culture stimulates Latin America towards a local sustainable development and the responsible use of natural resources for the production of their products.